Blackjack – Pro Guide And Strategies

Blackjack is a very popular online casino card game and its often called 21. People like playing in online casinos because they need skill and good fortune. The aim of blackjack? Play the dealer better and reach 21 without losing, it’s just that easy! Blackjack rules are easy to learn, making it a good card game for people starting out. However, you still need to play your cards well so that you can outsmarts the dealer in this classic and popular card game at casinos worldwide!

Blackjack is a game that needs some thinking, so learning how to play this game will help you with your chances. Look at our guide for playing online blackjack.

Blackjack Intro

Basic Blackjack Rules

It’s a smart way to look at the casino blackjack rules before sitting down at a certain table, but if you are learning how to play blackjack online then remember these main actions. Find out how to play Blackjack in Okada Manila


To stand means to stay with the things you have. You can use your first two cards or after you have taken more than just one extra card. When you stand, they won’t give you more cards.


Too far from 21? Play the next card on the deck to see if you’re lucky. This is how the players should move when they get two low-value cards in their first hand. You should know that usually you can take three more cards but be careful not to go over your limit.

Double down

When you see your first set of cards, there’s a move called doubling down. It means betting more money on the next card. This means you’ll double your first bet and agree to stay no matter what card is given after that.


If you get two same value cards in your start hand, you can split them and each gets one more card from the dealer for both hands. If you separate, you have to make another bet on your second hand that is the same as what you first played.

16 and below

The rule for 16 and under is only enforced with the dealer. This rule says that dealer have to hit their cards if they hold a total value of 16 or less.

Tips And Tricks For Blackjack Game

If you are new to online blackjack, professional casino experts from Okada Casino can guide you on how to begin. They gave three easy ideas and ways to improve fast at blackjack online casino.

Pay Attention & Avoid Distractions

Playing online blackjack is all about understanding what’s happening and what has happened. You must keep track of the cards that have been used and are still in play. You don’t know how to count cards, but if you concentrate on the game more it will help you win.

Learn When To Stay Still And When To Try Harder

It’s crucial to understand when it’s time for you and when not. A new player at blackjack might make choices that an expert wouldn’t. A good tip for beginners is to be happy when you can stand up on your hands like 12 or 13. Getting tens, jacks, queens or kings are all seen as ten. So your best bet to have a total above 21 is getting at least one more card with the value of ten in it. This is not always the best way to play, but it often gives money.

Decide betting limits & handle your money pot.

This is true for all games using your money. Before you play online blackjack casino, make sure to set a strong budget and betting limits. This will help control your spending in the game better. No matter what happens, don’t spend more than you can handle. The normal rule is to stake 1% of your budget on each game. If you feel good, made some money and want more big winnings, put in your bet but don’t go too wild.


It’s always good to have a blackjack plan if you play it on the internet, no matter what. Even though it’s one of the easiest gambling games to play, you should the game rules. This will help your chances at winning. It’s also important to understand when you should double your bet or split cards, as well as how often splitting is allowed.

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