Chess – A Beginner’s Guide to Master the Game

Chess has been referred to as the “Game of Kings” due to its immense popularity over centuries. Whether you are a novice stepping onto the chess board for your first moves or an intermediate player aiming to sharpen his knife this guide provides yourself with fundamental’s of enhancements in playing that game.


Understand the Basics in Playing Chess

Understanding the Chessboard

64 squares, composed of 8 by 8 grid. In short, each player begins with 16 pieces: 1 king, 1 queen ,2 rooks,2 knights 2 bishops and eight pawns.

Movement of Pieces

  • The king moves one square in any given direction.
  • The queen is able to move diagonally, vertically and horizontally on any number of squares.
  • Rooks move across or down from any number of squares horizontally and vertically.
  • Bishops advance diagonally any number of fields.
  • Knights move two squares in one direction and one square perpendicular so that direction likes an L.
  • Pawns move ahead, but they can only capture diagonally. So when pawns make the first move, they can advance two squares.

Objective of the Chess Game

A main building and afterwards driving wedding part is an essential assignment, primary goal except for it smacks as accordingly checking mate king of your rival. This happens when the king is in a position that it can be captured and he has no legal move to avoid threat.

Strategic Thinking of Playing Chess

Invest the opening chess moves in controlling the center of your board. This increases the mobility of your pieces and restricts those options of opponent.

Developing Pieces

Do not hold back your knights and bishops ensure they come into play early to command the important squares, helping your overall plan.

King Safety

Go early to protect your king in the Castle. This refers to the king moving two squares along with a rook and placing that piece on the square crossed by the King.

Pawn Structure

Be mindful of pawn structure. In other words, do not create weaknesses through which your opponent can benefit.

Tactics to Win Chess

Forks and Pins

Master tactical tricks like forks and pins. A fork takes place when one piece attacks two enemy pieces at once a pin blocks an opponent’s piece.

Checkmate Patterns

Study common checkmate patterns, such as back rank mates and smothered mates.  .

Endgame Techniques

Basic endgame technique involves situations like king and pawn versus king.


Improving Your Game

Practice Regularly

Play frequently against different skill level opponents to gain experience.

Analyze Your Games

Review your games to see where you went wrong or what opportunities were missed. This assists in learning and enhancement.

Study Chess Openings

Learn some basic openings to build a solid foundation in early game stages.


In addition, the chess game requires patience, talent, and strategy. By studying the basics, making practice plays regularly and drawing lessons from your games, you can start a delightful career as an effective chess player. Have fun and enjoy the game in otso.

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