Asian Cup 2024 quarter-finals: Match schedule, results of the 8 strongest teams

The 2024 Asian Cup quarter-finals witnessed the unexpected presence of Tajikistan and Jordan, overcoming two stronger teams, the UAE and Iraq, in the previous round of 16.

The KKjili provides information about the match schedule and results of the 2024 Asian Cup quarter-finals.

Schedule for the 2024 Asian Cup quarter-finals

As of the morning of January 30


DayHourBattleMatch pair
February 26:30 p.mQuarterfinals 1Australia vs Wins match 6
February 210:30 p.mQuarterfinals 2Tajikistan vs Jordan
February 36:30 p.mQuarterfinals 3Qatar vs Wins match 5
February 310:30 p.mQuarterfinals 4Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 8

Match schedule and results of the 2024 Asian Cup round of 16

As of the morning of January 30

January 286:30 p.mfirstAustralia 4 -0 Indonesia
January 2823:002Tajikistan 1-1 UAE  (Tajikistan wins on penalty 5-3)
January 296:30 p.m3Iraq 2- 3 Jordan
January 2923:004Qatar 2 -1 Palestine
January 306:30 p.m5Uzbekistan vs Thailand
January 3023:006Saudi Arabia vs South Korea
January 316:30 p.m7Bahrain vs Japan
January 3123:008Iran vs Syria

Where to watch Asian Cup 2024? Direct link, TV channel showing the Asian Football Championship

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